About Us

Hi, we are Andy and Wendy Picton. A few years ago, in 2014 to be exact...we started Squatchin' Country as a small side business dedicated to selling Bigfoot products. We began with some camping gift crates and stainless steel bottle openers, then we added playing cards, grilling spatulas, and some clothing items. In our quest to come up with some clothing designs for children, we hired an artist to create a young Bigfoot named Sammie Squatch. We liked the way it turned out so much that we then hired him to draw a young unicorn named Spike. 


Since everyone seemed to love the characters, we went back to the artist and hired him to create several Sasquatches in different professions, such as a firefighter, a police officer, and a grill chef. 

After the first few pictures were done, Wendy said "Hey - since we have all these characters, wouldn't it be cool to put them all together and make a children's book?" And that is when the real fun began. We spent the next several months writing our story, planning characters, working with our artist, and learning about publishing. 


Our first book, "Sammie Squatch - When I Grow Up", was published on Amazon in June 2020. With the COVID pandemic taking over the whole world, it felt good to make something good come out of 2020. We kept the momentum going and released our second book "Sammie Squatch Gets a Pet" in September 2020, along with a coloring and activity book that combines pictures from both of the first two books. 


We sincerely hope you trust our books to be a part of your child's life - to help them create good memories - and we would love to hear your feedback. 


Thanks for reading!